Taking a Blogging Break

May 8, 2017

Hello readers, I’ve taken a look at my calendar of the next few weeks, and the crazy schedule is going to make blog writing impossible. I have placed higher priority on finishing a book, so that project is getting my best writing hours in the morning. Right now, as mentioned last week, my afternoon free time is taken up with various medical appointments—all routine check-ups— and procedures (including the removal of my vein access port, authorized last week by my oncologist). I just wanted you to know that my silence is for positive reasons, and that I am doing well and thriving.

3 Responses to “Taking a Blogging Break”

  1. Roger Gray Says:

    Thank you for the update. Get that book finished

    Sent from my iPad

  2. BruceBenPope Says:

    ❣️ >

  3. emd5542 Says:

    And if you don’t take care of yourself you may be less able to take care of us. Hugs to you, Eleanor D

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