Colossians 4: A Little Field Trip to Turkey

April 8, 2015

Tomorrow morning I am heading to Istanbul to begin a two week tour of western Turkey and Greece with Fuller Seminary alumni and professors. I have been focused on preparation of mind, body, and spirit as well as packing. As of today, my body is on Istanbul time so that I can “hit the ground running” upon arrival in that great city first thing in the morning Friday. 

Now that the packing is all done, I turn to Colossians 4 and realize I can do a much better job of bringing it to life it after my trip! So I have decided to keep you in suspense awhile longer . . . I am not sure how reliable my internet connection will be, but if I can get a post or two and perhaps a picture out to you while on the Way, you’ll get my impressions of the region on Paul’s mind in the book of Colossians. I do know that the ruins of Colossae are basically buried in a big mound; but who knows what we might pick up that will be helpful to our study?

Your prayers for a safe journey, good health, and joyful relationships with fellow travelers would be appreciated.  I signed up for this 14-day tour shortly after my health was restored in 2014. My husband, who is unable to get away for this time period, encouraged me to seize the day. So prayers for him, too!

In joyful anticipation,


3 Responses to “Colossians 4: A Little Field Trip to Turkey”

  1. Debi Murphy Says:

    Mary, our trip to Turkey in 2002 was one of the best of my life for many reasons. Traveling to places important in the Bible and retracing the steps of the faithful writers and apostles was absolutely amazing! Also, Turkey felt like home because the countryside looked just like NorCal, filled with vineyards, trees and shrubbery you will recognize! Have the time of your life! The Turkish massage is not to be missed. Safe, blessed and memorable travels be yours! Debi

    • revmary Says:

      Very cool, Debi. It even looks like the weather will be similar.
      Our leaders are an historical theologian (specialist in Early Church) and a New Testament scholar. It’ll be heaven!

  2. Bruce Pope Says:

    I wanna go!

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