I’m Going to Be a Grandma

March 13, 2015

Just got word that our older daughter has started labor, so the birth of our first grandchild is imminent. I have been rooting for Pi Day all week; could we be so fortunate? If this goes long enough, we will have a “once in a century” baby! While doing Nana duty, I will be working with my other daughter, who is first round editor of my book, Slaying the Beast: A Spiritual Journal Through Lung Cancer, which I “finished” (ha-ha) yesterday.  We will be working on it for two weeks, so during that time you will not be hearing from me on this blog.

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3 Responses to “I’m Going to Be a Grandma”

  1. Virginia Wolters Says:

    I’m pulling for a pi baby! Math nerds unite!!!

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  2. emd5542 Says:

    I’ll miss hearing but I can sort of see what you’ll be doing. Godspeed and much Joy. May Christ’s Peace be with all of you, Eleanor

  3. Jodie Gallo Says:

    Awesome. Congratulations.

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