Personal Update as “Life Happens”

April 9, 2014

I fully intended to continue on a course toward Easter with reflections on Passion Week . . . but on Saturday afternoon I was notified that my mother (in another state) had had a stroke and to come right away. So I sat by her bedside in ICU until we switched to “comfort care.” She slipped from this life to the next early yesterday morning . . .

Thank God that I was able to fly to be with her; thank God that she was relieved of her suffering quickly; thank God that my siblings are functioning well together, camping out in mom’s apartment in order to make the earthly transitions now required.

A Mass of the Resurrection will be held next Monday. I am feeling a little lost and “off,” having temporarily abandoned my pulmonary rehab regimen and losing a lot of sleep. Today things are a little calmer and more under “my” control, so I’m hoping to get my routines back in place  . . .

I’m sure I will be reflecting on Mom’s life and legacy in this space, but not yet. “It’s complicated,” as mother-daughter relationships are prone to be. But for now, I am comforted by the Psalmist’s observation: “Precious in God’s sight is the death of his saints.”

Thank you for your prayers, fellow sojourners! And I am so glad for the Resurrection!


4 Responses to “Personal Update as “Life Happens””

  1. Terry Neifing Says:


    I am praying for you, Andy, Katie and Judy during this time of complicated loss. You already had much to reflect upon, so go slow, ask for God’s timing in all of this, and know He is with you on this long and curvy journey.

  2. Helen J. Says:

    Some of us have already walked where you are right now and we will continue to keep you covered

  3. Sarah Hill Says:

    Mary, so very sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a parent is so hard, but I pray God will make his comforting presence deeply known to each of you. Blessings, friend.

  4. Jim Skidmore (Matt. 11:28). Says:

    May The Lord bless you and keep you from the evil one and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace, as He will.

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