It All Started in the Garden

September 7, 2012

Okay, let’s start. My next few posts will explore the themes in Genesis 1 through 3, particularly those that frame the marriage question. The discussion will intertwine with theological anthropology (the nature of the relationship between humanity and God). But first, at the request of one of my readers, for the sake of context I will list some other themes that have their genesis in the Creation and Fall accounts.

The following concepts will be taught in my church class on the following schedule between now and Christmas, and the remaining topics will be covered after the first of the year.

Exploring the Themes Introduced in Genesis 1 through 3

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September 5

Genesis 1:1–2:3

The First Account of Creation (exegesis)


September 12

Genesis 2:4–25

The Second Account of Creation (exegesis)


September 19

Genesis 3:1–24

The Fall of Humanity (exegesis)


October 3

Genesis 1:1

Theme 1: The Existence and Nature of God


October 10

Genesis 1:2

Theme 2: The Trinity


October 17

Genesis 1:3

Theme 3: God Makes Himself Know by His Word


October 24

Genesis 1:1-25

Theme 4: God Brings Chaos to Order


November 7

Genesis 1 and 2

Theme 5: Human Nature (Both Creaturely and Divine Imprints)


November 14

Genesis 1:26-28

Theme 6: There’s Work to Do Even in the Garden


November 28

Advent 1         Rev. 21:1-5

Theme 7: The Recreated Garden (The Restoration of All Things)


December 5

Advent 2           Gen 3:15

Theme 8: The Promise of Redemption


December 12

Advent 3          John 1:1-5

Theme 9: Christ Embodies the Word Spoken at the Beginning


December 19

Advent 4               1 Cor. 15:20-28

Theme 10: Christ the New Humanity

Theme 11: Humanity as Male and Female
Theme 12: Marriage as Full Partnership
Theme 13: The Free Will of Human Beings and the Sovereignty of God (Freedom within Limits)
Theme 14: What God Expects of Ordinary People in the Context of Covenant
Theme 15: The Tree of Knowledge: We Were Never Meant to Have It All
Theme 16: The Tree of Knowledge: Curiosity Killed the Cat
Theme 17: Human Suffering and the Existence of Evil
Theme 18: Paradise Lost: Why, For How Long, and How Can It Be Found

I probably won’t cover the following because there is not much biblical data past Genesis, but they’re fun to think about:

            Being Vegetarian (yes, we can go to Daniel for a continuation)
            Will My Pet Go to Heaven?

If this whole exercise has had its desired effect, my readers will generate some more ideas. If you offer a theme I end up using in my book, you’ll get a free copy—I promise!



One Response to “It All Started in the Garden”

  1. Steve Niccolls Says:

    As a leader of a worship service that is listed in “The Dog Lover’s Guide to the Bay Area,” for being a church service where Fido is welcome; I can say unequivocally that pets will go to heaven.

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