Crazy Week: Redefinition of “Tomorrow”

February 15, 2012

Since writing the post comparing ECO and EPC the other day, I have had a flood of comments and over 800 hits, so apparently this subject is of interest! Meanwhile, my “day job” has been intensely demanding this week.

I am working on a post that compares the essential tenets of the EPC and the Book of Confessions and hope to have it done tomorrow. For now, though, the brain is spent and it’s time to call it quits for the day. Since I addressed the topic of  Sabbath last Sunday, I kinda feel like I should practice what I preached.

Hey, if my readers want to make this an interactive exercise, I invite you to collect all the references in the BOC to one of the EPC tenets, like Christ’s second coming or the Great Commission mandate. Or, alternatively, thumb through one of the creeds or confessions and note where it addresses any of the nine beliefs on the EPC list. I’ve been through Scots and Heidelberg already. Just send your input to me at and I’ll give you credit in my post!


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