With All the Best Intentions

August 27, 2011

So sorry I ditched you, dear readers…a full-blown vertigo attack hit me while waiting for breakfast at the hotel restaurant yesterday morning, and I’ve been out for the count since. Was taken to the ER of a local hospital, given excellent care, and midafternoon today (Saturday) I’m just about ready to be discharged. Must stay in town til Monday to get my sea legs back, but then I’ll finally be able to fly home.

I had prayed before the event started, “Lord, help me to stay out of the way and trust you to do your work.” He answered me quite literally! But he answered your prayers, too. The turnaround on this bout of vertigo (the second in my life) has been much quicker, and I am sure it is because of your timely and fervent prayer.

Regrets, however, that I totally missed Day 2 of the Gathering, so will rely on your blogs, tweets, and posts for information and reflections. I have to say, it’s been interesting reading the reactions of different folks to the same things I heard on Thursday. Time will tell how this all sifts out; but we will be more sure its result is of God if we all stay close to the Savior, get some peace and quiet (which I have had—in spades! against my will!), and do what is best for our congregations.

I hope to post on Monday, but believe it when you see it. I have the best intentions to write, and so appreciate your recent expressions of appreciation for my blog.


3 Responses to “With All the Best Intentions”

  1. Yikes. Vertigo stinks. Praying for you.


  2. William L. Goff Says:

    I’m glad you are feeling better. May God give you complete healing and refresh your spirit.
    Bill Goff

  3. Donna Schumacher Says:

    Mary do hope you are recovering well! So sorry to hear about your inability to be part of the rest of the Gathering. I just had to go back and re-read your Thurs. post. The thought occurred to me that the Lord gives us the desires of our heart. You were so desiring peace and quiet, as you said, and He sure gave you that in abundance. I am really enjoying your blog. Your gift for parables/word pictures is powerful. So refreshing to see God’s Truth spoken with such clarity. Thank you!!!

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